Website Design Process

Over the years we have developed a process for website design that enables us to offer a 'like it or level it guarantee'.

If you are not happy with the design we have created we will start again and make a new one!

Following are the steps generally taken to having a website completed with Dzina:

    Consultation begins in most cases with a phone call. We will discuss with you some basic concepts for your project. There we can discuss all aspects of your business such as your focus, target, branding, preferred look, preferences, dislikes, etc - this way we can advise on what sort of website would best suit your needs. To help us out, have as much information on your business as possible (e.g. electronic brochures, scan of business cards, product ideas or samples), a word document with written brief of what your ideal website would 'feel' like, what content you would like to see in it, etc.

    The next step depends on what was decided at the consultation session. If you have opted for a website created under the Dzina Your Way package we will, in most cases, respond to the consultation with a written brief of your websites basic design structure and provide you with an accurate quote. On acceptance of this proposal we can proceed with your website design.
    If however, you decide on either the 4 Page Works or an OScommerce Website, then we can effectively begin the design as soon as you have confirmed the appropriate documentation and provided us the required artwork, information, etc in electronic format.

    Before creating your website our design team will be briefed on the information given and discussed at your consultation meeting - so they know exactly what ideas you had, what you like, etc. They will then design a couple of 'looks' - each made especially for you with your business branding. Sometimes clients will like one immediately and want nothing changed, but often one of the looks will stand out from the others but just need a few little things altered to your preference... and on occasion all the looks have been rejected (but that is ok - then at least we know what you don't like!). Once you have the perfect look it is signed off (this ensures you are 100% happy with the look of your website) and the project is handed to our development team for the technical coding.

    Now that your website has a look we will code it up and develop all necessary areas of your website to make it function correctly and rank with search engines. We will post your website to a temporary website address for you to review as it is developed - this gives you the chance to comment along the way, or add in additional material you feel it may require now that you see it on screen.

    When the website is completed, you have reviewed it and are happy with it we will then make it 'go live'. If you have a deadline that must be met then we will do all we can to make sure your website is ready to go.

    Only after the website has gone live online will we send you an invoice unless you abandon the project at any stage - please read our terms & conditions for a full briefing.

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