At Dzina we do not make you sign contracts that force you to stay with us year after year. We run by one simple rule -

"Make you happy and you will stay".

Below are some testimonials from clients:


"We are so happy that we selected you to do our web design. We have found you to be a really neat team to work with. The work that you have done and are still doing is fantastic. We are really proud of our website and that is all down to you. Thank you"

- Steven, Jan, Donna and Wendy, the team at Rubens


"I have only praise for Dzina Ltd. Vaughan and Denise understood my business ideas and helped me through the whole IT/computerisation process. They gave great service and I feel that they treated me as a personal friend rather than a client. They are a great team for all your web and IT needs!!!"

- Stefan Walther, My Vet

Barbara Ann Guiney

"I am so glad that I found Vaughan and Denise Coy and their company, Dzina. Their expertise and great service has made my website the best it has ever been´┐Ża true vision! I feel with their guidance I can get my message across to a huge number of people in the simplest and best possible way. I no longer have any stress regarding my website as I am confident in their abilities! Thank you, Vaughan and Denise!"

- Barbara Ann Guiney, Personal Wellbeing


"There are those in business who merely provide a service but fail to be of service. Dzina is a company that knows the true meaning of service. Apart from their obvious technical skills, they have the rare ability of being able to put themselves in their customer's shoes, identify problems, and come up with spot-on solutions. Dzina isn't just typingnz's website designer. Dzina provides us with ongoing post-design advice and recommendations, computer maintenance, add-ons, hardware and software. We are made to feel as though we are their only client, and we have no hesitation in recommending the Dzina team to any prospective client."

- Kim Megson, typingnz

Pleasure Pools

"We're very pleased at the service and flexibility to deal with our product. As we got into it we could see even more potential and were guided skilfully. Thanks again for the end result - it's visually interesting and is working well."

- Phil Burnet, Pleasure Pools Ltd

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